Question: How do you put eyes on a knit toy?

Are safety eyes really safe?

First, a warning: Despite their name, safety eyes are dangerous for small children. Babies can easily pull off safety eyes — even if you’ve secured them properly — and put them in their mouths. If safety eyes are not suitable for the recipient of your toy, there are plenty of other options.

How do you change a stuffed animal’s eyes?

How to Replace Eyes on Stuffed Animals

  1. Use the original eye, if possible. …
  2. Choose a thread that will blend in with the color of the stuffed animal.
  3. Place the button eye in the appropriate spot on the stuffed animal’s head. …
  4. Perform another stitch, this time going from the back of the head to the front.

What are teddy bears eyes made of?

From 1910 people made glass eyes in amber or simply transparent. In the late 1950-early 1960 the manufacturers recognised the danger of small parts and began with making toy teddy bears with plastic joints and plastic safety eyes. Today glass eyes again are used for collectors bears.

Can safety eyes be removed?

Although safety eyes cannot be easily pulled off, there are ways to remove them if you are unhappy with the placement. To remove safety eyes, use pliers to tear off the washer from the inside of the head. The disc will likely be ruined after this process, but a new washer will securely reattach the bead.

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