Question: Is quilted maple expensive?

Why is quilted maple so expensive?

There are varying grades of quilted maple, based upon the perceived depth of the quilt, as well as the purity of color of the wood itself (with a pure and uniform white being the most valuable). Quilted maple billets are often sold for extremely high prices for use as tops of electric guitars.

Is quilted maple rare?

Quilted maple is incredibly rare and the most expensive of the woods discussed in this post.

Is quilted maple solid wood?

Big Leaf Maple with curl is beautiful but not better than Tiger Soft Maple or Curly Hard Maple. Quilted Maple is a world class figured hardwood with big bubbles of compression leaving one to wonder how figure such as this can come out of one tree.

Which is more expensive mahogany or maple?

I’m not a builder but I took a quick look and figured maple (which is the norm in maple guitars) is 4-5 times the price of non-figured mahogany (which the norm in mahogany guitars). Just because maple is abundant doesn’t mean figured maple is equally plentiful.

How do I know if my maple is curly?

The end of the wood will show that the rings are not uniform and concentric. This is an indication of some type of figure or unusual growth. Cut the limb section lengthwise and you should see ripples in the grain. This is indicative of the curly maple.

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How long does it take for maple to Spalt?

“There’s a very long aging process in this. It’s about three years. We start with veneer logs and go through a very unique aging process that mimics a tree rotting in the forest.