Question: What is waste yarn in machine knitting?

Why do you use waste yarn on a knitting machine?

This is yarn of a similar weight to your main yarn, in a contrasting color. It is used at the beginning and/or end of your knitting, when you need live stitches. It is not part of the finished garment, and is removed after the finishing steps.

What is knitting waste yarn?

Waste yarns are the leftover or scrap yarns that are different from the yarns you use for your projects. … You use the waste yarn either at the beginning or at the end of your knitting project. You remove this waste yarn once you finish the steps that need it. This scrap yarn is not part of your finished project.

Is a knitting machine worth it?

Owning a knitting machine is awesome as it allows you to churn out garments in no time at all and thus saves you loads of time. If you are knitting for profit, then owning a knitting machine makes a lot of sense as you can make items a lot quicker than you would do if you were knitting by hand.

What does it mean to slip stitches to waste yarn?

This technique comes up rather often in knitting. … Later on, when you want to continue knitting from these ‘held‘ or ‘live’ stitches, simply slip them back onto needles, and pull the waste yarn out.

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