Question: What kind of stitches are used in eyelid surgery?

How long should stitches stay in after eyelid surgery?

Your stitches may dissolve on their own. Or your doctor may remove them 3 to 5 days after surgery. Your eyelid may be swollen and bruised for 1 to 3 weeks after surgery. The appearance of your eye may continue to get better for 1 to 3 months.

What kind of stitches are used for blepharoplasty?

Plain gut suture (6-0 fast absorbing plain gut [Sharpoint “Express gut” TM]) and polypropylene suture (6-0 polypropylene [Ethicon Prolene TM]) will be used to close blepharoplasty incisions. Each patient will have one eyelid using plain gut suture and the other eyelid with polypropylene suture.

Does it hurt to have stitches removed after eyelid surgery?

When are stitches removed after eyelid surgery? Stitches are typically removed at an in-office appointment within the first week. While you may feel some gentle pulling as the stitches are removed, the experience is not typically painful.

What is suture eyelid surgery?

How does sutured eyelid surgery work? Double fold surgery with a threaded suture works by using stitches to create and maintain an eyelid fold. The crease is created by burying permanent, non-reactive sutures and pinching the undersurface of the eyelid skin to the deep soft tissue of the eyelid.

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Can you watch TV after eyelid surgery?

Try to avoid reading, watching TV, or checking your email the week following your blepharoplasty. Instead, give your eyes a chance to rest. Avoid any other activities that can cause your eyes to dry up, too.

How should I sleep after eyelid surgery?

Rest and sleep with your head raised on 2 to 3 pillows for 2 weeks or as directed by your surgeon. This will help prevent swelling at your surgical sites. Your eyes may look swollen and bruised after your surgery.

What is the recovery time for upper blepharoplasty?

Patients who have undergone upper lid surgery will usually be able to go back after 7-10 days. The recovery time is a little longer for lower lid surgery, with time off work increasing to 10-14 days.

When do stitches come out after blepharoplasty?

Recovery Timeline:

  1. 3-5 days – Remove sutures.
  2. 1 week – Typical time off work.
  3. 2 weeks – Return to light exercise.
  4. 3 months – Majority of swelling gone.
  5. 1 year – Final healing.

How long after blepharoplasty do you see results?

While many patients return to work 1 to 2 weeks after blepharoplasty, it may take several weeks for your swelling to subside completely. You should be able to see your final results from cosmetic eyelid surgery in about 4 to 6 weeks following your surgery.

What can go wrong with eyelid surgery?

Possible risks of eyelid surgery include: Infection and bleeding. Dry, irritated eyes. Difficulty closing your eyes or other eyelid problems.

Do stitches bleed when removed?

You may feel slight pressure during this, but removing stitches is rarely painful. Don’t pull the knot through your skin. This could be painful and cause bleeding.

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