Question: What Knitting needles are made in USA?

Where are knitters pride needles made?

Knitter’s Pride needles are made in India, but they are available at local yarn stores, and we like to support our local yarn stores.

What happened lantern moon?

Lantern Moon was a small manufacturing company that made beautiful and functional handcrafted knitting needles, bags and accessories. Although the business closed in 2018, some of their knitting needles are still available to purchase online.

Are Knitters Pride needles good?

They are durable, high-quality, and perform very well. They also have several features that you won’t find in most other knitting needles. I recommend getting them as a set of interchangeable circulars, but the collection also offers beautiful project bags and notions.

What are knitters pride needles made of?

KnitPro needles are distributed under the brand “Knitter’s Pride” in North America, and are made from a variety of materials including birch wood, acrylic resin, plated brass, carbon fiber and bamboo.

Is knitters pride and knit picks the same?

Answer: Knitters pride cables work with all knit picks interchangeable needle tips. I have knit picks metal, acylic & wood interchangeable needle tips. The knitters pride cables work with all of them!!

Where is HiyaHiya from?

Shanghai HIYA was founded in 2002 by two aspiring designers from Shanghai, China. Qianer loves to knit and designs beautiful knitwear. Her brother, an engineer, designed the HiyaHiya knitting needles.

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Are HiyaHiya and Chiaogoo interchangeable?

Interchangeable sets vary between the two brands. They’re very similar in many ways, but the HiyaHiya needle tips are sharper than the Chiaogoo tips. Many knitters would love to see a needle created with the HiyaHiya tips and the Chiaogoo Red Lace cables. They believe this would be a perfect combination.