Quick Answer: How do you make bead garland with tassel?

How do you attach a tassel to a bead?

To create your tassels:

  1. Wrap twine around your palm 20- 25 times.
  2. Wrap another piece of twine around one end of the loops you just made about 10 times. …
  3. Cut all the loops on the opposite end to make a tassel.
  4. Open the tied off end and slip the end of your beaded length through the center. …
  5. Repeat on the other end.

What do you use to string wood beads?

The best stringing materials include leather cord, satin cord, imitation leather and cotton cord and hemp cord are great materials to use when creating macramé necklaces and bracelets. For simple stringing, Accu-Flex® beading wire is best to help create sturdy designs that will last.

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