Quick Answer: Which changes Cannot be reversed milk to paneer cold milk to knitted sweater wet clothes to dry clothes?

Which change Cannot be reversed milk to paneer cold milk to knitted sweater wet clothes to dry clothes?

Correct Answer: Option (A) Milk to paneer. Paneer is a new substance formed and again it cannot be converted into milk.

Can raw egg to boiled egg be reversed?

In case of wet clothes to dry clothes, we can make dry clothes wet by soaking them in water again so it is a reversed change.

Raw egg to boiled egg No
Batter to Idli No
Wet clothes to dry clothes Yes
Woolen yarn to knitted sweater Yes

What is the difference between changes that can or Cannot be reversed?

Melting of ice is a reversible change. A change which cannot be reversed to form the original substance (or substances) is called an irreversible change . … When ice cubes are kept at room temperature, they turn into water after some time. On the other hand, burning of a piece of paper is an irreversible change.

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Which of the following changes Cannot be reversed?

Which of the following changes cannot be reversed? Solution: (a) Hardening of cement is an irreversible change. Changes that cannot be reversed are called irreversible changes.

Is souring of milk a reversible change?

it is irreversible as sour milk can’t be turned to normal milk again.

Are all changes by heat reversible Why?

All chemical changes are irreversible changes. Once the chemical properties of a substance are changed, it becomes another substance. Thus, it cannot return to its original state.

When you put a raw egg in a boiling water it is hardened and cooked after sometime what kind of change took place to the egg?

When the egg gets heated up, these liquids undergo a chemical change. The proteins unravel and bind to one another, which results in a network of proteins that traps water. During this time, the yolk and egg white become gel-like flexible solids.