Quick Answer: Why are Featherweight sewing machines so popular?

How much does a Singer Featherweight cost?

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How do you tell if a Singer sewing machine is a featherweight?

You can quickly determine which plant your machine was manufactured in by looking at the serial number on the bottom of your machine. Serial numbers for Singer Featherweights are located on a raised boss on the underside of the machine.

How much was a Singer 401A New?

What Was the Singer 401A Original Price? In 1960, Singer sold the 401A for $59.50. While that might seem like a steal, sixty dollars in the 1960s would be the equivalent of about $530 today!

How much does a Singer 66 weigh?

Because the 66K’s were full size machines weighing around 30lbs, they were usually sold in treadle tables or cabinets, although some hand cranked models, and later on some electric models, were also sold.

Notable Singer Class 66 variants.

Model Features
66-24 As 66-14 but BR motor and solid wheel

What does 221K mean?

The ‘J’ after the model 221 simply means the machine was manufactured in St. John’s, Quebec, Canada. The ‘K’ means it was made in Kilbowie, Scotland (Great Britain). Most tan Featherweights have the 221J plate, but a few are noted as having the 221K model plate.

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