Quick Answer: Why is it important to match the embroidery thread to the fabric?

Is it better to use darker or lighter thread?

If you have a choice of two different threads which are very close to the fabric colour, always go for the darker thread. A lighter thread will be more visible whereas darker threads will tend to blend in to the seam. With patterned materials the best advice is to go with the background colour.

Does thread need to match fabric?

Despite what you may have been taught when you learned to sew, you don’t have to match your thread to your project’s fabric. Save time and storage space by not buying new thread for everything you sew. Instead, keep a range of neutral thread colors on hand.

What Colour thread should I buy?

When an exact color match is not available, choose the closest match with the color being slightly darker rather than lighter. A darker color will blend into a seam better than a lighter color and seem to match in a much better way than a lighter color.

How do you match a serger thread?

When serging on a unique fabric color that you do not want to own four spools of serger thread, reach for a regular sewing thread size of spool. Place the matching spool on the outside needle. The outside needle position is the one that needs to match the fabric. Quality serger threads make a difference.

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Can you use embroidery thread as bobbin thread?

see less Machine embroidery designs can be up to 20,000 stitches in a small area, so the back can get very stiff and bulky if you use too heavy a thread for the bobbin. You will always want to use a lightweight polyester bobbin thread, such as BobbinFil or any other 60-70 weight thread.