Should I cut the selvage when making curtains?

Should you cut off the selvage edge of fabric?

The selvage edges of fabric are sometimes printed, as in this example, and sometimes not as in most batiks. Nevertheless, you should cut them off and not use them in your patchwork piecing. … Even though it may be tempting to leave the selvage intact when you are piecing the backing of a quilt, it’s best to remove them.

Can I use selvage edge?

A straight-edged selvage also can be cut lengthwise into narrower strips and still work effectively as a stabilizer even if it frays a little at the cut edge.

How do I make my curtains straight edge?

Place your pattern on the right side (that is, the pretty face side) of the fabric. Make sure your fabric edges are straight. Align your L-square along the selvage (vertical) edge and with your marking pen, make a line along the perpendicular (horizontal) side. Cut along the line and you have straight edges.

How do you shorten curtains without cutting them?

When curtains appear too long, try sewing a hem, which can allow you to shorten curtains without cutting curtains to length so you can retain the fabric if you want to. Another way of shortening curtains is to incorporate a folded design with buttons as fasteners. Folding the curtain hem up creates a double hem.

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Is the selvage edge always straight?

The selvage line is generally always straight. Sometimes you will see it waver just a bit but it pretty much gives you a straight line. So, cut off the line of selvage in a straight line…. and you have your straight edge of fabric to work from.

What do you call the finished edge of the fabric?

Selvedge. The woven edge of the fabric that runs parallel to the lengthwise grain – also called “selvage.” They are the finished edges that do not fray.