What can you crochet with sparkle yarn?

What can I crochet with sparkly yarn?

With dozens of patterns made in sparkle and metallic yarns, there are projects for everyone to do.

Sparkly Items to Wear

  1. Chevron Shawl.
  2. Diamonds Sparkle Wrap.
  3. Ridgeway Sparkle Hat.
  4. Sumptuous Cable Cowl.
  5. Raspberry Beret.
  6. Let’s Party Legs.
  7. Glitter Girl Shawl.
  8. Lace Edged Knit Shawl.

How do you make metallic yarn?

Metallic yarns may also be made by twisting a strip of metal around a natural or man-made core yarn, producing a metal surface. It is made of thin film and supported by nylon or polyester or rayon yarn according to the type of yarn. Metallic yarns start as rolls of films or laminations 30″ or wider.

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