What do Santeria beads mean?

What are Orisha beads?

The beads in the tradition of Santeria (also called La Regla de Ocha or Lukumi) are called Elekes, or collares. Each Orisha (deity) of the Yoruba pantheon is represented by a distinct color combination. We offer these beads to be blessed and presented in the traditional manner.

What religion wears all white and beads?

During their first week of formal initiation into the Santería faith, men and women must wear all white and be accompanied by a religious elder each time they go out in public.

What do black beads represent?

One of the common meanings attached to the black beads bracelet is associated with hope. Black beads are believed to symbolize the ability to hold onto hope in the face of adversity and also to be positive in unhappy times.

What is the Orisha religion?

The religion focuses on building relationships between human beings and powerful, but mortal, spirits, called Orishas. An Orisha is a manifestation of Olodumare (God). … According to Santeria teaching, the orishas are powerful but not immortal. They depend for survival on the sacrifice.

Can I sleep in my elekes?

The Elekes ceremony involves a Godparent consecrating the necklaces and giving them Ashé through a series of ritual songs, baths, and sacrifices (Ebo). … Elekes should be worn at all times except when sleeping, bathing, drinking alcohol, or having sex.

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Can I wear Orula bracelet?

The Orula Santeria Babalawo bracelet brings a bit of Luck and Good Karma into your jewelry collection. … You can comfortably wear this amulet protection bracelet all day long.

Is Santeria illegal?

Based on a mixture of West African religions and Catholicism, Santeria has long been controversial, chiefly because of rituals that call for the sacrifice of animals, usually goats and chickens. … Yet, sacrifices performed humanely are legal, said Lt.

What color beads are for protection?

Black mala beads

Black is the color that’s commonly associated with protection, as well as success. Black crystals are often said to protect against negative energy, and can help in working with the shadow self.

What is the spiritual meaning of black beads?

Black onyx is a powerful grounding stone because of its strong affinity with the earth. … Black onyx will stave off those negative energies and also put a stopper on your positive energies so they do not drain away, even in the presence of negativity. Truly, black onyx is a worthy energy shield for anyone.

What do beads symbolize?

Beads, whether sewn on apparel or worn on strings, have symbolic meanings that are far removed from the simplistic empiricism of the Western anthropologist. They, or pendants, may for instance be protective, warding off evil spirits or spells, or they can be good luck charms.