What does k1 INC mean in knitting?

What does Inc K wise mean?

Inc K Wise means that each stitch you are now going to make it into two. So you put the needle in the stitch and wrap the wool round as if you are making a KNIT stitch. (

What does Inc row mean?

It is telling you that you are about to do the first increase row. The instructions that follow: K1, (inc 1) three times, K3, (inc 1) three times, K2. [ 18 sts]

What does Inc D mean?

The first one, just knit to the end. The “2 sts inc’d” is just to let you know what happened over the course of the row — you now have 2 more stitches if you decide to go back and count.

What does Knitwise mean?

Knitwise and purlwise are often used to describe how you’re going to insert needle into the next stitch loop. Knitwise means inserting your needle in the direction as if you‘re going to knit, purlwise means inserting your needle as if you’re going to purl.

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