What happens when you comb yarn?

Why is combing done while making a yarn?

“ The combing is a process which eliminates the short fibres, impurities, naps, immature fibres from the sliver, straightens the fibres and make them parallel along the sliver length”. … The combing is compulsory for achieving high quality of fine count of yarn. The combed yarn looks more lustrous than carded yarn.

What are the effect of combing on yarn quality?

Combing, therefore, makes possible the spinning of yarns of fine counts with low irregularities and a clear appearance, combing also results in stronger, smoother and more lustrous yarns. In overall spinning process combing operation serves to improve raw material quality by removing noil.

What is GREY combing?

 Grey combing is done for grey fibre prior to dyeing. Objective of carding machine  Individualization of fibre.  Removal of trash and dust.  Removal of short fibre and nap.

How combing helps for overall mean length improvement?

Combing process removes predetermined level of short fibres from the group of cotton fibres. It is well known that the cotton fibres have distribution of fibre lengths starting from long to very short fibres.

How do you calculate Neps removal efficiency?

Nep removal efficiency in carding is determined using the following formula [100 × (neps in the chute-feed – Neps in the carded sliver)/neps in the chute feed]. The higher the nep-removal efficiency the lower the neps in the carded sliver.

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What is the main purpose of combing action?

Combing is the process that removes the final proportion of short fibers, neps and others impurities such as vegetable matter and seed coat fragments in cotton that has already been carded.