What is a continuous lap in sewing?

What is a lap in sewing?

Lap: to lay one part of the garment over another, or one side or a seam over another.

What is hem opening?

3 Hemmed opening

This finishing used in the opening is the simplest. The edge around the opening is folded twice quite narrowly and then stitched. This opening is quite delicate and is used for openings without much strain-Like that of a baby dress or armscye of a sleeveless dress.

What is a bound placket?

Page 1. Bound Plackets. Plackets are used to finish garment openings and allow dressing ease. They are used at necklines with neckbands, sleeves with cuffs, and at waistlines with waistbands. Plackets may also be used as design elements at pant and skirt hems.

What is continuous strip opening?

A bound opening is seen on the R.S of the garment while a continuous wrap opening does not show on the R.S when closed. A bound opening has a strip cut on the bias while the continuous wrap is cut with a straight strip of fabric. Bound not reinforced at base while continuous is/3 mm from the base.

What is hem allowance?

Hem allowance – Hem allowance is the distance between the cutting line and the hemline. This allowance is folded inside the garment before it is sewn. Also called “hem depth,” it varies with the garment style and sewing technique. Hemline – Hemline is the lowest edge of the garment once the hem is sewn.

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