What is form crochet?

How do you knit freeform?

Quick Freeform Tutorial

  1. Start with a small knitted or crochet patch.
  2. Pick up a few stitches directly on your patch & add a knitted or crochet triangle or rectangle.
  3. Make a double circle then slip stitch it to your patch.
  4. working directly onto patch make some Scallops & shells.
  5. make some Domes & Popcorns & attach to patch.

What is freedom crochet?

The Freedom of Freeform Crochet

The entire idea is to take your crochet hook (or even to crochet with your fingers) and use them with yarn to create images of your own design.

Is crochet an art?

It’s similar to knitting, but among other differences it uses a characteristic hook – in fact, the word ‘crochet’ comes from the French word for ‘hook. ‘ It has traditionally been regarded as a craft rather than an art.

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