What is planned pooling in knitting?

What is planned pooling?

Planned pooling is a technique where you intentionally work the colors of variegated yarn making a design or color effect while working your project. Planned pooling has taken some work to figure out the ‘math’ of the yarn to get it to work the way that you want.

What is pooling in knitting?

Pooling usually happens when you’ve hit upon a stitch count and gauge that put the patterning in the yarn into a rhythm with itself. It’s like your knitting is in resonance with the ebbs and flows of the yarn. To avoid pooling, simply alternate two skeins of yarn every row or even every two rows. …

Can you do planned pooling with knitting?

Planned pooling, or intentional pooling, is the technique of using the repeating color sequence of your yarn to make geometric patterns in your knitting or crochet. … The first thing you’ll need to know for a planned pooling project is how many stitches you’ll get with each stretch of color.

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