What is the best yarn for tapestry crochet?

What weight is tapestry yarn?

Made from 100% virgin wool, DMC Tapestry Wool is a deliciously soft, smooth non-divisible, worsted-weight yarn.

Is tapestry crochet the same as Mosaic crochet?

Tapestry crochet is sometimes called jacquard crochet, intarsia, mosaic, fair isle, and colorwork, but today these terms usually describe different techniques. Since the yarns are switched back and forth to create motifs, tapestry crochet fabric looks more like it was woven on a loom than crocheted with a hook.

What material do you use for tapestry?

The main difference is the materials you use – cross-stitchers will be used to Aida and evenweave fabrics and stranded cotton floss, whereas in Tapestry you’ll need a single thread or double thread canvas (Mono, Interlock or Penelope), and soft cotton or wool threads.

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