What letter size is a 7 00 mm crochet hook?

What letter is a 00 crochet hook?

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

UK Metric US
3 6.5mm K/10.5
2 7.00mm
00 9.00mm

Is there a size 7mm crochet hook?

Clover Amour Crochet Hook (7.0 mm)

What is a size E crochet hook in MM?

Amazon.com: Clover Soft Touch 3.5-mm Crochet Hooks, Size E (1005/E)

What letter is a 8 mm crochet hook?

Standard knitting needle and crochet hook sizes

Metric diameter US Knitting Needle Number Corresponding Crochet Hook Size
8 mm 11 L-11
9 mm 13 M/N-13
10 mm 15 N/P-15
12.75 mm 17

What is a size K hook?

Product description. Size:Size K/6.5mm. This Clover 1053/K 6.5mm Amour Crochet hook jumbo size is perfect for bulky and super bulky yarns. It features a fun color coded by size easy grip handle in Bright Green. The optimal hook shape is designed for super smooth crocheting.

What is h8 crochet hook?

Lightweight, flexible plastic hooks are comfortable to use and put less strain on hands than aluminum styles. One crochet hook (5mm) …

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