Who is the voice of Pleakley from Lilo and Stitch?

Why did superstore get Cancelled?

Why is Superstore canceled? It seems that the cancelation was due to how long the show has been on air and the loss of a major cast member. … After the former Ugly Betty star exited her role of Amy, the show did not attempt the kind of Office-like cast shake-up that may have given the show a few more seasons.

Does Mateo become citizen?

He moved to America with his grandmother. He is an undocumented citizen and is gay. He is very competitive and will do most anything to get ahead. He is portrayed by actor Nico Santos.

What happened to the original pharmacist on superstore?

Superstore had an incredible cast of supporting characters, but Tate the Cloud 9 pharmacist unceremoniously vanished from the series in Season 3. … Over the first two seasons, he became a prominent recurring character until he suddenly disappeared in Season 3 — and Amy might have been the reason why.

Who is Kevin McDonald married to?

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