Why is needle not picking up bobbin thread?

How do you fix bobbin thread not catching?

Machine will not pick up bobbin thread

  1. Turn the machine off.
  2. Check the upper thread. …
  3. Check the needle. …
  4. Check that you are using the correct combination of fabric, thread and needle.
  5. Check for scratches around the hole in the needle plate or presser foot.
  6. Check your bobbin area.

Why is my Featherweight not picking up bobbin thread?

Skipped stitches and bobbin thread that won’t pick up are most commonly caused by the needle incorrectly inserted or the machine threaded improperly. … The flat side of the needle faces left on a Featherweight.

Why is my thread bunching underneath?

A: Looping on the underside, or back of the fabric, means the top tension is too loose compared to the bobbin tension, so the bobbin thread is pulling too much top thread underneath. By tightening the top tension, the loops will stop, but the added tension may cause breakage, especially with sensitive threads.

How do you fix bobbin tension?

Bobbin tension or bottom tension is fixed by adjusting a small screw next to your bobbin case’s thread opening.To adjust, use a tiny screwdriver and turn the tiny screw to the right for tighter tension or the left to loosen bobbin tension.

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