You asked: How do you keep Quilling paper neat?

Does Quilling paper fade?

We provide you with one of the most superior quality of paper available in the market so that the colours don’t fade over time. Our strict quality control processes makes sure that all the papers are of consistent thickness, a thickness which is suitable for quilling.

What’s the best glue for Quilling?

What type of glue do you recommend for paper quilling? For quilling you want a water based glue that is not too tacky or sticky. You want a glue that will dry quickly and dry clear. We highly recommend and sell Elmers Craft Bond Glue.

How can I send Quilling card?

You can also email your note to us at Please include your name and order number. How can I be notified about new quilled card releases? The best way to keep up to date on our newest quilling cards is to join our mailing list.

Can I use construction paper for quilling?

A high quality children’s construction paper can be suitable for quilling: it’s usually thick and the colors are vibrant. I cut paper using a craft knife and a metal ruler, several sheets at a time, as I wrote in Quilling Basics.

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