You asked: How do you organize paper sewing patterns?

How do you store cut out patterns?

Store the files on a bookshelf, open crate or basket. If you find clear file folders with binder holes, you can store a stack of PDF patterns in one large binder. In a pinch clear binder sleeves work too, though they’re not as secure.

How do you organize sewing patterns in Evernote?

Just drag a whole category together and Evernote will create a separate note for each image. The name that you gave the image will appear as the name of the note. Later, if you want to see all of your Vogue patterns just type Vogue in the search field and all of the patterns will appear (see above).

How do you use pattern storage?

Pattern Storage is a machine that stores Crystal Memory patterns that are to be used in a Replicator. To get a pattern, you place a blank Crystal Memory into a Scanner, along with an item. Once it finished scanning you place the Crystal Memory into the Pattern Storage.

How do you store large paper patterns?

Storing Paper Patterns

A very easy, low-maintenance method of storing these is to use plastic display folders, which are like albums but with plastic pockets instead of pages; alternatively ringbinders with separate plastic wallets work equally well.

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