You asked: Is an edge stitch foot the same as an overcast foot?

Do you need an overcasting foot?

The overcast foot is almost a necessary tool if you don’t have a serger. It is a pretty versatile presser foot. However, it’s mostly used to sew seams and seam finishes. To be honest, you can do these tasks with a standard presser foot and overcast or zigzag stitch.

What is a stitch in the ditch foot?

Stitch in the ditch is a style of machine quilting that simply follows the seam lines of the quilt top. The trouble is, all those layers of fabric and batting can really bog down the operation. My advice? Swap out your presser foot for a walking foot.

What is an edge joining foot used for?

The edge joining foot is a great tool for creating wide trims and laces by joining one or more trims or lace strips together. The key to using this foot is the guide. The guide, at the center of the foot, allows the trims and laces to be joined together and aligned perfectly.

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