Your question: How do you add elastic to crochet top?

Can you crochet with elastic?

Adding crochet stitches around an elastic band allows you to make hair scrunchies, waistbands and decorative doll clothing. … You can use a pre-made rubber band or ponytail band or you can sew the two ends of a piece of custom-cut elastic together and then crochet around them.

What is elastic yarn?

Elastic yarns are necessary, especially in clothing, in order to afford greater freedom of movement and thereby maximize comfort. FilSpecTM offers different fibres and blends which, when added to your textile, increase its flexibility.

How much elastic should I use for a waistband?

The elastic for a waistband should be approximately 2″ smaller than your waist measurement.

What tension should I use for elastic?

Generally elastic works best when stretched 3-8%, with 8% only being used on the smaller parts of the garment as it’s a bit extreme, as remember the more you stretch the elastic the more stitches you are putting on that space of elastic.

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