Your question: What are WOF strips in quilting?

Is Wof selvage to selvage?

Yes, WOF means from selvedge to selvedge, so you’ll be cutting 12 strips that are 6-1/2″ wide by 40″-44″ inches depending on how wide your fabric is. Remember to cut off the selvedge edge and not sew it into a seam allowance. The selvedge is more tightly woven than the center of your quilt fabric.

What is width of fabric strips?

Each strip in a Jelly Roll is 2½ wide and its length comes from the full width of fabric or WOF for short. Generally, they are cut from standard bolts measuring 44-45 inches. Some of the more pedantic may think of it as a cut that runs from selvage to selvage of the fabric.

What does LOF mean in quilting?

LOF: Length of Fabric. LQS: Local Quilt Shop.

Is the selvage the width or length?

Selvages are the extreme lateral edges of the fabric and are formed during the weaving process. Selvages will not fray because the weft threads double back on themselves and are looped under and over the warp. The selvage is usually ¼ to ½ inches wide.

Does fabric width include Selvage?

The cuttable width is the width of the fabric, less the woven edge. Whoever makes your marker (usually the pattern maker or pattern grader) will need this measurement. … Booked width is the full width of the fabric, including selvedge. It’s a good idea to keep track of both measurements on your Bill of Materials (BOM).

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What can I do with 1 inch fabric strips?

5 Projects You Can Make Using Leftover Fabric Strips

  1. Braided Bracelet. This video shows us how to create a very simple and easy braided fabric strip bracelet. …
  2. Woven Rag Rug. If you’ve acquired tons of strips then a good way to use them up is to create a nice rag rug for your home. …
  3. Fabric Bowl. …
  4. Wreath. …
  5. Braided Headband.

What size do I cut quilt squares?

The 6 x 24 ruler is the first one to start with. A staple. If you are able to buy a smaller ruler for sub cutting those strips down I recommend it. The 6 x 24 is great for cutting strips from the yardage but a little cumbersome when cutting those down into the squares.